The Feelings You Get Leaving Place You Once Called Home

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Parting is such a feeling of sweet sorrow as saying goodbye to a place you have lived all your life. A place that has been the backdrop of your memories. Talking about the walls you have designed with paint over the years. As well as the corners you have sat to learn different things.

What You May Feel When You Leave a Previous Home?

Nostalgia Feelings

When you go traveling or leave your childhood home, you will leave a piece of you behind. You may try to be strong and forget about every memory. However, you may also be careless enough to make it grow in you like a wound. This kind of wound pains whenever the weather gets bad. It aches whenever nostalgic feelings come. Leaving home that does not only mean that you will miss the people and places you love. It may most importantly you will lose the kind of person you. For the reasons that you will never remain the same. You can probably be having one of the best and incredible experiences where you are currently. With all your achievements, there will always be nostalgia being away from your motherland.

Varying Feelings

If you happen to be the active type that manages to forget about the old memories, you will be calm. You will have your piece of mind intact away from home. You will get to somewhere better and get to meet some people, not that you will not still love home, but it will be in a detached way having little or no emotion relating to the home. On the other hand, if you are too emotional, stoic and not impassive about your decision, the sting in your heart will be more than chronic.

Resolved Feelings

You will surely get to adopt and benefit from the culture of some other people as you get to meet new friends for a good life country. If leaving your home for another country paves the way for a career opportunity, you will always come back to it and roll it at the back of your mind. Your loved ones can be the type that is over nice which makes you misses them so much, don’t get moody about this, get yourself filled with the thought of your achievement so far.
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Feeling guilty and dejected after some time is not ideal when you leave your childhood home. You have moved your life through ups and downs, missing different things you no longer experience in life day-to-day running, stuffs like the hug of a family member compared to a polite stranger on the bus. The feelings can most likely continue to come up even after years of leaving home, looking at the difference in time zone, strange buildings and a longtime partner that you have probably left behind.

Home is where the heart will always be

As it’s often said that there is no place like home, even if you have tried to be strong enough and makes your heart adapts to the new situation, the reality still surfaces once in a while. Irrespective of the things you have acquired so far with your life, your heart will probably be longing for home.  

this is an image showing feelings you get when leaving a place you once called home