Being in a Relationship with a Guy That Travels

this is an image of dating a guy that travels

Dating a guy who travels a lot can be disheartening. Having the mind that a guy who has gone everywhere is cool is entirely a kind of bad orientation. This kind of guy travels for some reasons best known to him, this makes him indifferent to people that are important to him, and will still be quite alright.

How is it like to be in a relationship with a guy that travels?

Negative Effects

Particularly girls who like to cling should not engage self in this kind of relationship, as time passes by she will get tired of the phrase “goodbye”, as he only comes home for a week, to embark on a new journey. A guy who travels a lot prioritizes a passport stamp over his girl and gets joy in telling stories about his discoveries, trips and foreign cultures. This kind of guy can’t be with you for an extended period, and the road is his playground. Many couples already had breakups because of this long distance in their relationship.

The lazy weekend enjoyed best by ladies is outrightly off in most cases, no taking out for a movie date and the likes. He is always on the move and booked for adventure, and he gets to meet people of like mind which they enjoy a great time. They all make the worse out of their meeting by still exhibiting their character; bidding goodbye sounds so normal to them.

How To Deal When Your Partner is Constantly Travelling


For ladies who have taken a guy that travels a lot as their choice, even though he is always on the move. You get to love him the more by accepting his flaw as a blessing, and the truth is that he cannot travel forever. He spends his time in what he loves until it occurs to him that he has to settle with a breathing partner.

Acknowledging your anxiety and recognizing that the resentment only adds more tension than the travel itself, have the mindset that when your guy travels, it’s for the greater good and don’t poison your mind with unworthy thoughts such as I’m all alone and bored, I have no life of my own and the likes.

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Observing life from a different perspective is key; you need to turn your anxiety to an opportunity and not a crisis. Having a strong determination that you will stop being moody. Spending your time to see you bring the best out of your work, friends, and hobbies.


Having to iron out issues with your guy to know the state of affairs is essential, feel free and don’t be so wrapped up with your worries, care to know about how he feels away from home, he must probably admit that he misses home while away. This kind of peace and thoughtful dialogue can make him change his ways for better as you both confront issues that needed attention.

this is an image of being in a relationship with a guy that travels


Maintaining good contact with him will make him miss you the more, sending few texts, funny pictures or interesting article of the day. This will strengthen your relationship as it ensures your staying in touch with your guy.