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It’s a form of travelling or sightseeing that involves visiting early, fragile and relatively calm natural areas, considered as having a low impact and serving as a great alternative to standard commercial tourist centers. It preaches the conservation of the environment and improving the standard of living of the local people.

this is a picture of ecotourism

Aims and Importance of Ecotourism

Its primary objective is to enlighten the traveller, to get funds for the ecological conservation to benefit the community and to foster respect in diverse culture and for human rights. As an eco-tourist, your tour should be in a way that depicts much respect for nature and does not encourage the degradation of any such. Apparently, the sole importance of ecotourism is to enhance environmental conservation. Try to imagine a serene and beautiful lake on the Caribbean island, having an internal lake and river, and your tour includes the use of motorboat that causes pollution on the water and air, this goes against the principle of ecotourism. To preserve the nature and minimally disturb it, in the illustration given above, a paddle boat should be used.

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